Costumer Card
A gallery of flavors!

Tasca do Joel - Gourmet and Restaurant Card
created for the most exclusive customers.


Besides providing benefits in points, it will surprise you
with the pleasures of the table offers, presenting an amazing offer
of products and services.

Follow our suggestion and delight yourself with our offers:

1 euro = 1 point
For every 100 points, receive a voucher of €10*

* Special offer for the month of birthday.
* Valid for 45 days from the date of issue and not combinable with other promotions.


It is so easy to join!
Ask the membership form at our restaurant or gourmet shop.
Complete the form and you will immediately receive a card, so you can start accumulating points at that moment.


Joining the program is open to all legal entities.

The card is personal and non-assigned, and can be requested from the user some identification evidence.

The Tasca do Joel Customer Card can be used in any of the participating restaurants to the program associated with the card as well as with third-party involved as partners in the program.

The Customer Card Tasca do Joel is awarded to holders of indefinite duration, subject to the right of cancellation is given to Tasca do Joel under these Terms or the cancellation of the program.

The program allows customers to be rewarded when purchasing products and services in Tasca do Joel and partners of the program authorized by the access privileges, benefits, products or prizes or in Tasca do Joel, or in associated partners.

The benefits, privileges or products promoted by the program partners are your sole responsibility.

The return of products that have given rise to the possibility of obtaining discounts or other benefits or perks, may lead to the cancellation of the card (s) thereof (s) transaction (s) or the cancellation of the card.

The accumulated credit on the card is not redeemable for cash or constitutes a means of payment to cardholder unless changed expressed in general terms.

The Customer Card Tasca do Joel is owned by Tasca do Joel, which reserves the right to cancel the card if found evidence of fraud or misuse and does not produce copies of lost or damaged cards.

The owner is obligated to inform the Tasca do Joel the missing card, not being Tasca do Joel responsible for improper use by third parties.

The use of the card implies the knowledge and express acceptance of its conditions of use and regulation of the program.
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