It was the year of 2000.

The fame of Tasca do Joel is vast, and the restaurant fills with relative ease... To customers who are waiting for a table, it is provided a small room waiting at the entrance of the restaurant.
Soon it begins to populate that room with wine and other products (regional or gourmet), as a way of giving them to know to the customers.

Over time, this waiting room has become a real gourmet shop, where wines from Portugal and all the various parts of the world fill the walls, where anyone can be surprised by the flavors of our traditional Portugal, where people get lost in the discovery of tasty gourmet palates, where books and various accessories are available to customers.

Shop History

Once upon a time, there was a waiting room, which grew and grew...
Today, our Gourmet Shop makes available a large selection of products – traditional flavors, flavors of refinement, renowned wines and accessories.

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