In a meeting place for fishermen, returning from fishing, the famous restaurant of our day started its activity - the story of Tasca do Joel intertwined with the history of development of the city of Peniche.

The history of the restaurant Tasca do Joel started in 1982, when it was a small house, working as a meeting place for fishermen who were returning from fishing. The house was used to serve only bread and wine, also making available to fishermen a fashioned oven where they could cook the fish captured in the seas. The space was occasionally a place of parties for friends.

In May 1995, Jael, son of the owner, started a second phase of the restaurant that would be called Tasca do Joel. At this point, still with a few tables, the restaurant served only three dishes: chicken, ribs and cod, all cooked in the oven.

The quality of the dishes made ​​the tavern was a topic of conversation among the local people, guessing the success that would later be confirmed.
In 1998, the restaurant was enlarged. At that time there was the VIP room and was made a cover glass on the terrace.

Already in 2000, and enjoying the end of the coffee business from his father, Joel open a public room with a capacity for 70 people. This room is currently the scene of celebrations of weddings and christenings.

Tasca do Joel has became a must for all those who visit or pass through Peniche.
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